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The Master Class in Nasal Cytology, organized under the aegis of the Italian Academy of Nasal Cytology (AICNA), is addressed to all medical Specialists having to do with upper respiratory tract disease (ORL, Allergists, Pulmonologists, Pediatricians and so on).
The Master Class has a maximal number of 25 participants in order to ensure full learning potentials as well as a fruitful has feedback between Trainees and Trainer.
The Master Class envisages lectures and practical works.
Each trainee workstation is equipped with an optical microscope to approach with the best learning technology made available today the latest and most advanced image capture and storage systems.
Special interactive sessions are devoted to tutorials on cytological specimen sampling and staining and to freshly nasal cytology in order to examine Ciliary Mobility.
After learning basic cytology theoretical principles, each trainee will approach the study and diagnosis of nasal cytograms from different nasal pathologies with a plenary discussion under the supervision of the Trainer.
The Master Course ends with the administration of an assessment questionnaire which admit the CME accreditation and the release of Certificates of Attendance.
Matteo Gelardi MD